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Certified real estate broker

Becoming an owner represents the realization of a dream, there is nothing more exhilarating. It is however imperative to be supported by a professional who knows and understands the legal aspects, as complicated as they may be, as well as all the administrative steps involved in a real estate transaction. The choice of a real estate professional should not be taken lightly. For Spyros Dourakis, real estate is not a haphazard choice; it is in his "genes". As the son of two seasoned real estate brokers; Spyros was literally immersed in the profession. Unlike many in real estate, Spyros has chosen it as a career rather than a reorientation.

Passionate about his profession and swiftly successful, he was rapidly promoted to the position of Office Director for RE/MAX du Cartier, located in Villeray. Delighted with this honour, Spyros had been managing with zest his team of 50 agents for 3 years. Consequently, his new functions had required him to spend the majority of his time dealing with administrative management, rather than what excites him: the joy of interacting with people, be it selling their property or finding them the one of their dreams. To their great satisfaction, Spyros clients reap the benefits of all his devotion, rigor and tenacity.

Either selling or finding your property, your dream is now a reality without any complications. By adding you to his ranks of satisfied clients, Spyros has been able to turn your real estate transaction into a most enjoyable process.

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